So You Want to be a TROPHY WIFE?

Total Seats: 50 (50 Left:)

Date and Time:

May 14, 2022 17:00 - 18:30

Event Location:

Die Koelkamers Teater, Kreefte Street, Paternoster, Western Province, 7381, South Africa

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So You Want to be a TROPHY WIFE?

“The character of Marie was really born from an aunt of mine who was rather unsophisticated in her thinking and who was content to go along with what her family and friends thought and easily influenced. I started questioning if her life was actually happier because she didn’t rock any boats.

R140 ticket – Standard Seat/ Sitplek

R220 ticket – Reserveer ‘n plek in die eerste twee rye op gemaklike stoele of dubbel bank./Reserve a seat in the first two rows on comfortable chairs or double sofas.

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