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R 550 (per person / Minimum of 2 guests and Maximum of 5 guests)
R550 per person. Minimum 2 persons and a maximum of 5 persons. We offer coastal Sightseeing, Photography and Birding boat trips from St Helena Bay harbour. You’ll get a coastal boat adventure, personal and up close to ocean wildlife without intruding. With the Atlantic Ocean sparkling under the early morning sun, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to leisurely observe Nature at its most beautiful. Children welcome. But due to the nature of the activity we prefer not to take small children out to sea so we ask you to seriously consider if the activity will be enjoyable for your young child and if he or she will maintain controlled behavior. We thus require that children of 6 years old or younger are accompanied and cared for by their parents or guardian. So although we do not have a specific age restriction, the Captain, at his sole discretion, may refuse small children to participate in the activity. If you think your dog may enjoy the trip, let’s give it a try! A 1-hour coastal adventure, personal and up close to ocean wildlife. / Coastal sightseeing / Photography / Birding / We carry a cool box with complimentary water and cooldrinks.

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